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Sol Luna & Sol Terra
Sol Luna & Sol Terra Model#: CH-SOL-LUNA

The Sol Luna and Sol Terra by Cheyenne revolutionize tattooing with "Hard" and "Sensi" settings, catering to various artistic needs. "Hard" excels in lining, while "Sensi" offers a gentler touch akin to coil machines, optimizing power for precise work, client comfort, and quick healing. Sol Luna is ideal for soft shading and transitions, with a 2.5mm stroke and 25-150 Hz frequency for quiet, low-vibration operation. Conversely, Sol Terra is perfect for bold lines and color packing, featuring a 4mm stroke. Both ensure easy cleaning and full compatibility with Cheyenne equipment, promising a seamless tattooing experience with minimized client discomfort.

Hawk Motor (10-Year Edition)
Hawk Motor (10-Year Edition) Model#: CH-HAWK-BLACK

The Hawk Motor (10-Year Edition) by Cheyenne revitalizes the legendary Hawk tattoo machine, integrating enhanced features for contemporary tattooing demands. Maintaining the iconic design and versatility, this Special Edition introduces a new motor and a protected jack connector for increased power and longevity. Designed to be compatible with Cheyenne and standard power supplies, it offers a nod to the Hawk's legacy with modernized capabilities. Available in Matte Black, it comes with a 1-inch matte black grip and connector cords, presented in a special collector's box, highlighting its status as a collectible. Engineered for flexible operation across all tattoo styles, its ergonomic design ensures precise performance, smooth needle movement, and comfortable handling for an elevated tattooing experience.

Cheyenne Thunder Motor
Cheyenne Thunder Motor Model#: CH-THUNDER (BLACK)

The Cheyenne Thunder Motor is tailored for both lining and shading with a motor speed of up to 10,200 RPMs. Constructed from durable hard plastic, it remains lightweight at just 3 oz. It is compatible exclusively with Cheyenne Hawk Needle Cartridges, accommodating over 33 cartridge types. With an extended stroke of 4mm for optimal power use, the Thunder Motor is designed for smooth operation and quick cartridge changes, featuring a new, stronger motor for enhanced efficiency.

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Cheyenne Spirit Motor
Cheyenne Spirit Motor Model#: CH-SPIRIT-BLK

The Cheyenne Spirit Motor features a motor speed of 10,200 RPMs, ensuring efficiency in lining, shading, and coloring. This lightweight, 4 oz rotary machine, constructed from durable hard plastic, is designed for artist comfort and precision. Exclusive compatibility with Cheyenne Hawk Needle Cartridges and the requirement of a Grip Sleeve for operation underscore its specialized role within the Cheyenne system. Supporting over 33 cartridge types, its ergonomic design and new, stronger motor offer smooth operation and quick cartridge changes, making it a comprehensive tool for artists

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Cheyenne Motors

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