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Stealth Tilt Pen
Stealth Tilt Pen Model#: STEALTH-PEN-TILT-B

Explore the Stealth Tilt Wireless Pen, the latest innovation in tattooing technology from Stealth. Experience seamless lining and shading with adjustable voltage and ergonomic design.

$9.99 - $100.00
Stealth Galaxy Pen
Stealth Galaxy Pen Model#: STEALTH-GALAXY-GRY

Experience the versatile Stealth Galaxy Wireless Pen, designed with an aircraft aluminum body, Japanese Matsu motor, adjustable needle protrusion, and two unique grip styles. Whether you prefer a wireless or direct connection, this tattoo pen provides efficient battery life and easy adaptability. Isn't it time to enhance your tattooing experience with the precision and comfort offered by this cutting-edge tool?

$10.00 - $299.99
Stealth Fatboy Pen
Stealth Fatboy Pen Model#: STEALTH-PEN-SHORT

Discover the Stealth Fatboy Pen, the latest hefty addition to the Stealth Pen series. With its black anodized finish, 3.5mm swing, and Japanese Performance Matsu X4 Motor, this pen offers both lining and shading, and comes with a 1-year warranty. It's a perfect tool for modern tattoo artists.

$150.00 List Price:$224.99 You Save: $74.99 (33%) In Stock
Stealth Pen
Stealth Pen Model#: STEALTH-PEN

Introducing the Stealth Pen, the newest innovation in our renowned tattoo machine series. This Pen Style Machine is designed for versatility, precision, and performance, with a black anodized finish that radiates elegance. Perfect for both lining and shading, the Stealth Pen is powered by a high-performance Japanese Matsu X4 Motor, offering up to 10,000 RPM. Customize your needle's protrusion with a smooth, precise twist, all within the secure and sleek protection of a zipper case. Complete with a 1-year warranty, this indispensable tool is crafted to elevate your artistry.

$150.00 List Price:$250.00 You Save: $100.00 (40%) In Stock

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