Sharps Container & Disposal Service
  • Sharps Container & Disposal Service

Sharps Container & Disposal Service

Item #: SHARPS-M

Stop waisting money on expensive medical waste disposal service. Stop paying expensive pick-up service to have that waste taken care of. It is more cost effective and will save you tons of cash. After your sharps container is full, just put it back in the original box and hand it to your post man.

The system consists of a sharps container certified for use through the mail as well as a pre-paid shipping box. All you need to do is fills the container and, once full, hands it to their regular mail carrier. That container is then delivered to our Sharps recycling facility where it is converted into an energy product that replaces coal in heavy industry and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Available in 2 sizes: 1 Quart, & 1 Gallon.

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