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The AGGRESSOR, a Damascus Steel Tattoo Machine is designed specifically for liner work, boasting a frame made from stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. The AGGRESSOR machine is finely balanced, with liner variants weighing 7.1 oz and shader variants at 7.1 oz, ensuring steady handling for precise work. Equipped with an 8-wrap short coil, it provides the right amount of power and responsiveness required for detailed lining tasks.

This machine's construction from Damascus steel not only highlights its robustness but also its unique aesthetic appeal, setting it apart in the realm of professional tattoo equipment. The distinction between liner and shader weights allows for targeted performance in each tattooing task, with the AGGRESSOR machine delivering consistent results. Whether for intricate line work or comprehensive shading, this machine is engineered to meet the demands of professional artists seeking reliability and precision in their tools.

Technical Specifications:

Function - Liner or Shader
Machine Type - Coil Machine
Brand - Damascus
Frame Material - Stainless Steel
Liner Weight - 7.1 oz
Shader Weight - 7.1 oz
Coil Size - 8 Wrap Short Coil

Package Contents:

-1 AGGRESSOR Damascus Steel Tattoo Machine

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