S75 Spray Gun
  • S75 Spray Gun

S75 Spray Gun

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The S75 Lower Pressure Spray Gun combines advanced nozzle technology and operational efficiency for professional spraying applications. Its dual-nozzle setup and optimal pressure range make it versatile for both precision work and broad coverage.

Design & Functionality

  • Nozzles: Includes 1 jet and 1 fog nozzle for versatility, each 1.1mm in size for detailed spraying.

  • Pressure: Operates at a max of 50 PSI, ideal for various project needs.

  • Spray Pattern: Achieves a 170mm fan shape for uniform coverage.

  • Capacity: Features a 750cc cup for fewer refills, enhancing productivity.

  • Performance & Use

  • Air Consumption: Efficient at 110L/min, balancing performance with economy.

  • Ease of Operation: Built-in air regulator for precise airflow adjustments.

  • Professional Recommendations

  • Optimized for 15-50 PSI, the S75 is designed for professionals needing a reliable, low-pressure spray gun. Its comprehensive features ensure top-notch finishes with every use.

  • The S75 Spray Gun excels in delivering exceptional finishes, offering a blend of precision, efficiency, and user-friendly operation for high-quality results.

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