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Curved Magnums

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The Curved Magnums Needle Cartridges by Beyond® are available in standard #12 needle gauge/diameter for detailed line work. Beyond®, with its over 20 years of excellence, now extends its premium needle offerings to include a cartridge format.

A key feature is the inclusion of a protective membrane, which not only enhances the safety by preventing ink backflow but also contributes to the durability of the cartridges. Beyond® has designed these cartridges to be less rigid, thereby reducing the wear and tear on the tattoo machine's motor. This design consideration ensures smoother operation and extends the lifespan of tattooing equipment.

Technical Specifications:

-Product Type: Curved Magnums Needle Cartridges
-Needle Size: Standard #12 Needle Gauge/Diameter
-Brand - Beyond®
-Membrane: Integrated protective membrane for safety and machine protection
-Compatibility: Universal fit for all standard tattoo machines and grips

Package Contents:

-Beyond® Curved Magnums Needle Cartridges

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