Premium #8 Bugpin Curved Magnum Shaders
  • Premium #8 Bugpin Curved Magnum Shaders
  • Bugpin #8

Premium #8 Bugpin Curved Magnum Shaders

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What are Bugpin Needles?

Answer: Bugpin Needles are just a smaller needle gauge/diameter that are used when making tattoo needles. The industry standard is the #12 Gauge Needle (0.35mm needle diameter). We now offer 2 even smaller size: #10 Bugpin Needle (0.30mm needle diameter) or an even smaller #8 Bugpin Needles (0.25mm needle diameter).

Please Note: because these needles are much thinner in diameter, they will use a smaller TIP SIZE then your standard #12 needle. Please refer to the chart below to know which tube will fit these needles correctly.

Product - Curved Magnum Shader Tattoo Needles
Needle Size - #8 Bugpin Needle 0.25mm Gauge/Diameter
Brand - Beyond®
Sterilized - Yes

Our Beyond® Signature Tattoo Needles is now available in a #8 Bugpin thinner & finer needle gauge (0.25mm) Great for artist looking for a more finer needle for detailed tattoos and portraits. If you are looking for something a bit larger we do offer them in a #10 Bugpin as well.

Bugpin Needles & Tip Matching Guide

#8 Bugpin Needles              Matching Tip Size
    5 Magnum Needles                4 Flat
    6 Magnum Needles                4 Flat
    7 Magnum Needles                5 Flat
    9 Magnum Needles                6 Flat
  11 Magnum Needles                7 Flat
  13 Magnum Needles              9 Flat
  15 Magnum Needles              11 Flat

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