D-Grip for Cheyenne Pen
  • D-Grip for Cheyenne Pen
  • Round
  • Long
  • One on Pen
  • Round on Pen
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  • One with Box
  • Round with Box
  • Long with Box

D-Grip for Cheyenne Pen

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The D-Grip for Cheyenne Pen presents a collection of disposable grips tailored for Cheyenne pens, providing an alternative to traditional aluminum grips. These grips are designed for single use, aiming to enhance the tattooing experience with an emphasis on convenience and hygiene. Available in three ergonomic shapes - Ergo Round, Ergo One Inch, and Ergo Long - they accommodate various artist preferences and hand sizes, improving comfort and control. Each grip is made for easy, secure screw-on attachment to Cheyenne pens, ensuring a seamless setup process.

These disposable grips are compatible with all Cheyenne Pen models, broadening their appeal across the Cheyenne product range. It's important for Sol Nova users to note the compatibility is specific to the Ergo Round and Ergo One Inch models. Packaged in boxes of 6, the D-Grip provides artists with a practical solution for maintaining a clean and efficient working environment, supporting uninterrupted performance during tattooing sessions.

Technical Specifications:

- Product: Disposable Grip for the Cheyenne Pen
- Brand: Cheyenne
- Grip Size Available: Ergo Round, Ergo One Inch, Ergo Long
- Sold In: 6pcs/Box
- Compatibility: Fits all Cheyenne Pens; Sol Nova compatible with Ergo Round and Ergo One Inch only

Package Contents:

- 6 x Disposable D-Grips for Cheyenne Pen in selected size

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