Defend Ultra Sonic Tablets
  • Defend Ultra Sonic Tablets

Defend Ultra Sonic Tablets

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Defend Brand Ultra Sonic Cleaning Tablet (64 Tablets/Per Box)

-Used in cleaning Tattoo and Piercing equipment-

-Perfect for all Tattoo Artist. Non Corrosive & Non-Ionic & Biodegradable & Good Fragrance-

Mixing Instructions:
-Add 1 Tablet to make 2 Quarts or 2 Tablets can make up to 1 Gallon of Solution. Do not mix with other cleaning products-

How to Prepare:
-Soak any Tattoo or Piecing Equipment for 5-10 minutes-
-Soak longer for those difficult stains-
-Items should not be soak for more then 24 Hours. For more info, please read instructions or call the manufacture-

Ultra Sonic Use:
-Can be used for ALL ultranic cleaners Large or Small-
-Follow Sonic Cleaners manufacturers recommendations.
Ultrasonic cleaning time should be a minimum of 10 minutes-
-Use hot tap water (120° - 130° F)-
-Rinse items thoroughly in warm water to remove all traces of solution-
-Dry all tattoo and piercing equipment thoroughly-
-After that is complete our equipment is ready to be placed in a Autoclave Sterilize instruments in Autoclave-

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