Dot Box System

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Elevate your dot work tattoo artistry with the Dot Box System! Unlike traditional power supply systems, the Dot Box is specially crafted to enhance the dot work tattooing experience.

Do you often find your tattoo machine operating faster than your hand's movement? The Dot Box System solves that. It allows artists to modulate their machine's power output, turning it into short, intermittent bursts. This ensures a synchronization between the artist's hand speed and the machine, paving the way for immaculate precision with each dot.

One of its standout features is its vast compatibility range. Whether you wield a Coil, Rotary, or Pen, the Dot Box System will integrate flawlessly. To further the customization, the system is equipped with six distinct speed settings. Now, artists can select the speed that aligns perfectly with their unique technique and style.

Installation is a breeze. Simply hook the Dot Box System up to any power supply using a phono plug, then connect your machine's power cables directly to the Dot Box. It's straightforward, efficient, and designed with the tattoo artist's convenience in mind.

Experience dot work tattooing like never before. With the Dot Box System, you get more than a tool; you get a game-changer. Revolutionize your dot work artistry, ensuring each piece is a masterpiece of precision and design.

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