Hawk Motor (10 Year Edition)
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Hawk Motor (10 Year Edition)

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After ten years of unrivaled success in the industry, Cheyenne is celebrating their first revolutionary machine that started it all: the Hawk.

This 10th Anniversary Edition machine is the revived, optimized version of the legendary Hawk tattoo machine, known for popularizing cartridge needles. This limited edition model maintains many of the favored qualities of the classic Hawk, such as the original design, and overall versatility as an all-rounder machine. Updated features of the 10th Anniversary Edition Hawk include an all-new motor and a protected jack connector for improved power and durability. This machine is compatible with both Cheyenne power supplies and other standard major brand power supplies. See what you can do with this revived classic machine at your hands.

This listing is for the 10th Anniversary Edition Hawk in Matte Black. A 1" inch matte black grip and connector cords are included with your purchase. The machine comes packaged in a stylish Cheyenne limited edition collector’s box.

This machine has the same design but with Improved reliability with new motor and protected jack connection. Flexible and lightweight for every style. Ergonomic, lightweight grip design. Precise strokes with highly sensitive reaction times – suitable for every skin area and types. Easy, immediate needle depth adjustment and ergonomic handle bar adjustment.

Color - Matte Black Hawk or Matte Grey
Grip - 1” Inch black matte grip included
Needle Amplitude - 4mm
Stroke Length - 2.5mm
Voltage - 5–12.5V DC

Items Includes:
1) HAWK Motor Machine
2) 1" Inch Grip Machine
3) Machines Cord
4) Power Supply Cord

Special Note: No Returns accepted unless the item is still sealed with original Cheyenne Seal. If the item is opened, even if it was just to inspect the item it can not be returned.

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