Jackhammer V2

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Recommended Usage Range

Brand - Jackhammer® (Version 2)
Lining - 8-9 Volts
Color Packing & Shading -7.5-8.5 Volts
Stippling: -4-5 Volts
Max Voltage -Do not run machine over 12 Volts
Motor Type -Germany Fauhaber Motor: 10000rpm (9volts)
Weight - 4.0 oz

Tuning and Adjusting your Jackhammer V1

Your Jackhammer comes tuned and ready to use. The only hing you will need to adjust is the stroke. IT is easiest to adjust your Jackhammer between 5-7 volts

Most of the time, you will only need to adjust the stroke and voltage to use your jackhammer. The Cam can also be adjusted slightly as the position of the cam also affects how the machine runs. The dot on the cam should lie between 7 and 8 o'clock position.

The Jackhammer is CNC machined beast of a tattoo machine. Made in brass or aluminum alloy. The Jackhammer has the stability and reliably of a rotary machine along with the power and flexibility of a coil machine. The Jackhammer's cam and spring design is unique in the machine will not wear down during a long session and can push large configuration lining as well as black and grey shading.

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