Magnum Shaders (Textured Needles)
  • Magnum Shaders (Textured Needles)

Magnum Shaders (Textured Needles)

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What are Textured Needles? These needles are sanded and textured and then is given a soft polish on the tip of the needle. This leaves the tip rough and not smooth like it normally would on a Non-Textured tattoo needle. These needles will hold ink better on needle and is great for packing in color into the skin.

Product - Textured Magnum Shader Tattoo Needle
Needle Size - Standard #12 Needle Gauge/Diameter
Brand - Beyond®
Sterilized - Yes

Our Beyond® Tattoo Needles is our signature needle that we've been selling for over 20 years. Our Beyond premium needles go through strict quality control to make sure you get a great high quality tattoo needle. We recently updated our box design (originally purple box with rainbow dragon).

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