Opus Magnum Shader
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Opus Magnum Shader

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Product - Evolution Opus Series Magnum Shader Needles
Magnum Style - Weaved & Curved Magnum Shader Needles
Available Size - 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 Needles.

Brand - Evolution® Opus Magnum Needles
Sterilized - Yes

Our Evolution Opus are the best magnum needles in the industry. The soldering and construction of these needles are unbeatable. Our Evolution® Tattoo Needles set the standard. These needles go through new and additional strict manufacturing process to insure you get the finest needles in the industry.

Tired of getting a box of needles where 2 out of 5 needles are bad and unusable. Our EVOLUTION Needles insure that All your needles are perfect. Try them out for yourself and be the judge.

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