Organic Cosmetic Colors
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Organic Cosmetic Colors

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*Ebony Brown is a dark,rich,brown. Perfect to achieve soft looking eyeliner and shading. Add a few drops of Terra or Carmine Brown for deep warm brown for eyebrows on Fitzpatrick 4-5-6 skin tones.

*Bronze Brown is a light brown with bright bronze shades. Perfect for subtle shading on eyelids and brows on Fitzpatrick 1-2 tones. For Fitzpatrick 3-4, darken with a few drops of Ebony Brown until desired shad is obtained.

*Terra is a soft , orange brown. It is perfect to mix with Ebony Brown and Bronze Brown and achieve soft and warm shades of brown.

*Carmine Brown is a deep Redish brown. Mix it with Ebony Brown to reach warm and intense shades for Fitzpatrick 5-6 skin tones. Add a few drops into Bronze Brown for a warmer and richer shade ideal for Fitzpatrick 1-2.

*Royal Eyeliner is a dark coffee tone. This pigment has been specifically formulated and designed to achieve a perfect and long lasting eyeliner that will not turn to blue since it does not contain black in its formula. You can add a drop of Terra for a warmer look.

*Golden Mixer provides warm and beautiful golden shades.

*Fancy White is used to tone down the pigments intensity with a few drops.

*Skin Sealer is an advanced formula seals pores,gently cleanses and relieves swelling and irritated skin after PMU/Microblading procedures.

*Cleansing Soap: This is a powerful antibacterial soap. Use it before, during and after PMU/Microblading procedures to clean the skin. Provides a refreshing and soothing effects.

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