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Polynesian & Maori Flash Book

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This 64 page book, has more then 250 black & white Polynesian and Pacific Island designs.

Maori Tattoo brings together more than 250 Polynesian and Maori style designs, first published in Tattoo Ideas, with some of the most amazing suggestions for tattoos to adorn your chest, back, shoulders, shoulder blades, arms, hips, lower back, thighs, calves, feet and ankles.

Polynesian and Maori designs are becoming more and more popular requests at tattoo studios. The typical, geometric designs of this style, which emphasize the body's natural curves and muscles, are based on the traditional tattoos of the Pacific Islands. In Polynesian and Maori culture, apart from being a way to decorate the body, tattoos encompass various patterns and meanings: every detail of the tattoo design can be read like an individual map, describing somebody's life, experiences and social status. In the West, where this depth of expression is mostly unknown, we focus on the beauty of the tattoo itself.

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