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Textured Curved Magnums

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Product - Textured Curved Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges with Membrane.
Why Textured - When a needle is textured the tip of the needle is not polished smooth. It is actually left a little bit rough/textured. This will allow the ink to hold better when in the tip, and also packs in color better then your regular magnum. The textured needles does cause more damage to the skin to go in but deposit more pigment. So in the long run you wont have ti pass the area as much, thus giving you less skin damage too.
Needle Size - Standard #12 Needle Gauge/Diameter
Brand - Radical®
Sold In - Boxes of 20pcs
Sterilized - EO Gas Sterile
Compatibility - These cartridges are industry standard and will fit all machines and grips. These cartridges has a membrane to prevents ink spit back.

The Radical® Needles are made with high quality steel and high quality soldering. These cartridges has a precision clear grey tip for visual control & perfect ink flow. These needle go through strict quality control to make sure you get a great high quality tattoo needle.

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