Liquid Solutions
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Liquid Solutions

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Xtreme Inks also has every liquid solution you possibly will need.

Brand: Xtreme Ink
Liquid Solutions: Color Enhancer, Shading Solution, & Wetting Solution.
Sizes: 4-oz, & 12-oz

Color Enhancer: This solution makes sure you are able to create different shades of colors without changing the hue of the color itself. Our special formulation will work on all inks. 

Shading Solution: This solution is perfect for those who want to dilute their black inks. Create the perfect and consistent shade of gray with this solution.  Can be used with all brands of black ink.

Wetting Solution: This solution will keep your cap of inks from drying out. Just ad a drop or two to keep your inks from drying from evaporating. This solution will not alter the hue of your ink, it only dilutes and thins out you ink.

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