DARK Grey Wash Series
  • DARK Grey Wash Series
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DARK Grey Wash Series

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Brand - Silverback Dark Grey Wash Series.

Available Blends - 6, 66, & 666
Available Sizes - These inks are sold individually and only in 4-oz bottles. We do offer a 3 pack set but those are only available in 1-oz bottles.
Product Info - This set is the answer if you're looking for a grey wash that heals up darker than "TheOriginal" or XXX Grey Wash Series. This series contains three perfectly mixed shades: Dark 6, Dark 66 and Dark 666. Dark 6 is an even step past Silverback Ink XXX4. Dark 66 is even darker. Dark 666 is the darkest! Easy to wipe off the skin and goes in as easily as it wipes off. Processed in a sterile facility. Tested and certified for the EU. Packaged with a 100% tamper evident seal. Made in USA

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