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Sol Luna & Sol Terra

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The Sol Luna and Sol Terra introduce Cheyenne's patented technology, offering artists two distinct settings: "Hard". and "Sensi". This innovation allows for an adaptable tattooing experience, with "Sensi" mimicking the feel of traditional coil machines and "Hard" being praised as exceptional for lining. Both settings adjust the motor's electronics, providing power that's both potent and gentle on the skin. This leads to precise tattoos, reduced pain for clients, and quicker healing times.

Sol Luna excels in creating soft transitions and shades, ideal for realistic color as well as black and grey work. Its 2.5mm stroke length, combined with an operating range of 25 to 150 Hertz, ensures a smooth, quiet workflow with minimal vibration. Conversely, Sol Terra is optimized for vibrant lines and color packing, featuring a 4mm stroke length and the same frequency flexibility. This machine delivers a consistent performance that's both smooth and quiet, with reduced vibration, making it a top choice for any design. Both machines benefit from a high-tech anodization process for easy cleaning and hygiene. They're compatible with all Cheyenne handpieces and safety or craft needle modules, as well as Cheyenne power packs starting at 2.5 amps, ensuring comprehensive control.

Technical Specifications:

-SOL Luna Stroke Length: 2.5mm
-SOL Terra Stroke Length: 4mm
-Frequency Range: 25 - 150 Hertz
-Settings: Hard and Sensi
-Anodization: High-tech process for easy cleaning
-Compatibility: All Cheyenne power packs (starting at 2.5 amps)

Package Contents:

-SOL Luna or SOL Terra Motor Machine
-Machine Cord
-Power Supply Cord
-Instructional Manual

Note: Grips are sold separately, and one is required to use the machine.

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