Stencil Printer Ink

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The Stencil Printer Ink is used with a inkjet printer. We recommend using a Epson brand inkjet printer. Instead of putting into into to printer tank, you add the stencil ink instead. With just a 4-oz bottle of stencil ink you will be able to print approximately 3,000 stencils.

The stencil ink also works best when you use Pacon Stencil Paper (Sold Separately).


Once you decide on a printer model, you will set it up the same way the manufacture instructs you to. Stop once you get the section that instruction you to fill the machine with the printer ink.

How to Add the Stencil Ink? (Options may differ depending on printer model)

Option 1: Depending on the model printer you get, you may be able to pour the ink directly into the ink reservoir on the printer. Most of these printers will have a cap or lid to remove or lift up to access the reservoir.

Option 2: If you printer requires a special spout tip to fill the ink, you can remove the spout tip from the genuine ink bottle and see if it fits the Stencil Printer Ink Bottle.

Option 3: If your printer spout does not fit the Stencil Printer Ink Bottle, you will then need to empty out the genuine ink bottle and rinse it out with distilled water. Let it dry and then you can add in the Stencil Printer Ink.

Once you find a option that works for you, you can then proceed to fill the ink.

Do I need to add ink into All 4 reservoirs?

No you do not need to add ink into all 4 reservoirs, but when you print your stencil you will need to select Black/Greyscale instead of printing as Color when printing. If you decide to fill all 4 reservoirs you can print as Color or Black/Greyscale. We recommend you put 40% into the Black and 20% into the remaining 3 tanks. If you can find a printer with 1 reservoir that prints only black, it would be best option.

Disclaimer: WWTS will not be liable if the ink does not work on your inkjet printer for any reason. All sales are final, no returns on this Stencil Printer Ink.

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