T2 Pen UFO
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T2 Pen UFO

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T2 UFO Tattoo Pen

Items Included:

- Tattoo Pen with Lining Motor-
- Extra Tapered Grip -
- Extra Motor for Smooth Shading -
- RCA Cord -
- Pen Holder -
- Grip & Motor Holder -
- 2 Sample Cartridges -
- Parts & Accessories -

This Pen uses a special Japanese Coreless Motor. These motors have high efficiency since its coreless motor has less current loss. Another advantage is the elimination of the iron core, which reduces noise and increases the life of the brushes.

The machine also comes with an Extra Motor for Smooth Shading, The motor that comes with it is harder hitting for Lining. The lining motor has a color ring on the motor, while the shader motor does not.

The Pen has a needle swing of 3.5 and is adjustable by twisting of the grip. This machine weights 4.6oz and has an RCA connection.

This machine comes with a 1 year warranty.

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