T2 Ultra 3 Wireless Tattoo Pen

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The T2 Ultra 3 Wireless Tattoo Pen has an ergonomic design for precision in both lining and shading. With a 4.2mm swing and needle protrusion adjustable up to 4.5mm, it ensures every tattoo is detailed and refined. The pen's robust construction is designed for durability, while the ergonomic grip minimizes hand fatigue during extended tattooing sessions for comfort and quality.

Key features include its dual 18500mAh rechargeable batteries, offering between 5-10 hours of continuous use after a quick 2-3 hour charge, ensuring artists can maintain their workflow without interruptions. The OLED display enhances user experience by providing clear visibility of settings, and the customizable center ring, available in a range of colors from red to purple, allows artists to personalize their tools. The package includes two different-sized grips for optimal control and additional O-ring grips for secure handling. With a 6-month limited warranty.

Technical Specifications:

-Pen Size: 5.25-inch long, designed for ergonomic handling and balance.
-Swing & Needle Protrusion: 4.2mm swing and 0-4.5mm needle protrusion for versatile tattooing capabilities.
-Battery: Two 18500mAh rechargeable batteries, ensuring extended use and efficiency.
-Charging Dock & Display: Comes with a charging dock; OLED display for clear visibility of settings.
-Customization: Changeable center ring color for personalization.
-Grips: Includes 1.25-inch and 1.50-inch tapered tip grips in hexagon shape for comfort.
-Warranty: Backed by a 6-month limited warranty for quality assurance.

Package Contents:

-1 T2 Ultra 3 Wireless Tattoo Pen
-2 rechargeable batteries
-1 charging dock
-Additional grip
-A set of center rings in various colors
-User manual

Watch the demo video here.

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