Tattoo In Japan Hard Cover Book
  • Tattoo In Japan Hard Cover Book

Tattoo In Japan Hard Cover Book

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An immense, opulently illustrated volume about the high art of tattooing in Japan. The art of creating long-lasting body decorations has an age-old tradition in Japan. Many parallels can be drawn between this traditional genre and classical ink paintings and woodcuts by Japanese masters. This book contains works by many of the finest and most prestigious master tattooists, in a spectrum ranging from old school to neo-traditional and contemporary styles. These virtuosos provide inspiration and serve as role models for a younger generation of tattoo artists in their Asian homeland and abroad. Included are rare and beautifully documented works by traditional masters with their delicate and impressive full body suit tattoos, the style of which has changed very little since the Edo Period, when this art form first became popular. The art works are splendidly depicted in intimate photojournalism, where they provide silent testimony to months spent under the needles of these unparalleled masters. The volume's generously large format provides ample space for impressive photographs which artfully capture the diversity and lively creativity of Japan's contemporary tattoo scene. Not solely for fans of tattoos, it's equally appealing for people who are interested in Japanese culture and art, and will delight graphic artists, fashion designers and visual artists. Huge, hardcover, color.

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