Cue Clip Tattoo Needle Stabalizer
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Cue Clip Tattoo Needle Stabalizer

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The idea behind the cue clip, as we call them, is simple. Stablize the needle where it counts, at the tip. The problem with using a rubberband is that you are trying to secure the needle at the wrong end. Using a rubberband all the way at the top it's not going to do an effective job. You won't hold a cue stuck at the back end with both hands while playing billiards, would you?

The clip has several advantages over rubberbands:

-It keeps the needle steady while tattooing.
The needle guide limits the needles travel in only one direction, with no side to side movement

-It frees up power from your machine.
There is very little surface contact of the needlebar by the clip, freeing up large amounts of power, unlike rubberbands. Rubberbands bog your machine down, wasting energy and creating excess heat.

-More freedom between tips and needles.
You can now use smaller needle groups with larger tips. The clip limits side to side movement, allowing this.

They are designed to simply snap onto most good quality machined tips, (they do not work on solder tips) ranging in size from singles up to 15 mag. (or greater, depending on the needle). Disposable. Designed by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists.

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