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Round Liners

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The Round Liner Needle Cartridges by Turbo feature a standard #12 needle gauge/diameter, ideal for creating crisp, clean lines. Engineered for universal compatibility, they seamlessly integrate with all machines and grips, offering flexibility across a range of tattooing styles and techniques. Unlike typical cartridges, Turbo's Round Liners utilize a spring system for needle retraction, providing an added layer of flexibility. However, it's important to note these cartridges lack a membrane, presenting a slight risk of ink blowback, particularly for tattoo pen users.

The absence of a membrane emphasizes the need for careful handling, especially to prevent ink blowback and potential damage to tattoo machines. The cartridges' spring system enhances the needle's responsiveness, offering artists a level of control that complements their skill and technique.

Technical Specifications:

Product: Round Liner Needle Cartridges
Needle Size: Standard #12 Needle Gauge/Diameter
Brand: Turbo
Quantity: 12pcs/box
Compatibility: Fits all standard machines and grips
Note: No membrane present; risk of ink blowback

Package Contents:

1 Box of Round Liner Needle Cartridges, containing 12 pieces

Available while supplies last and in extremely limited quantities

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