Vapor Line Sterilization Integrator
  • Vapor Line Sterilization Integrator

Vapor Line Sterilization Integrator

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Vapor Line® Type 5 Steam Integrator

Available in: 100-Pack or 25-Pack

The Vapor Line integrator is an immediate readout chemical integrator for monitoring the
essential conditions of steam sterilization in gravity & pre-vacuum sterilizers. Vapor Line can provide added security in infection prevention

Vapor Line is FDA cleared with equivalent performance to biological indicators

• During sterilization the dark bar migrates along the Pass/Fail channel
• Any migration further than the Fail Area indicates sterilization conditions were achieved
• The Pass Area includes an “overkill period” providing additional security and confidence
in sterilization

Vapor Line® Type 5 Steam Integrator is held to the highest standards of excellence
Vapor Line® Integrator has been tested to address any and all concerns that customers may have including:
Vapor Line® Integrator is FDA approved, CE Marked under the European Council Directive 93/42/EEC and
AAMI/ISO 11140 - 1:2014 Compliant.
Vapor Line® is certified to be free of hazardous and allergenic materials
Vapor Line® free from:
• Lead or lead containing compounds
• Heavy metals or heavy metal compounds
• Latex and Dry Natural Rubber
• Chemicals listed in California Proposition 65
Stated Values exceed market standards
The stated value dictates when a pass will show for a given cycle. Propper developed Vapor Line® with high stated values to
provide added confidence. Our higher stated values ensures that virtually all bacteria in your biological indicators would be
killed before Vapor Line® starts to show a pass.
Possible obstruction of the Wick Channel by Outside Force
Vapor Line® has been proven effective even after bending. Indicator performance was not impacted by bending the indicator
at a 90° degree angle or a rounding of the indicator.
Vapor Line® is suitable for steam sterilization cycles at traditional temperatures and for extended cycles
Vapor Line® is approved for use at 250°F (121°C) - 273°F (135°C) and validated for extended cycles at 275°F for 10
Vapor Line® can be used for pack and load release
Vapor Line® is designed for use inside of packs, trays and other packages for pack release as well as for use in process
challenge packs and devices for load release, with or without a biological indicator
Each Lot of Vapor Line® is rigorously tested prior to release
Propper’s Quality Control team follows strict protocol to review each Lot of Vapor Line® to ensure every lot meets our strict
release standards.
Safe at low temperatures
Vapor Line® has been proven effective after being kept at freezing temperatures for up to 48 hours with a maximum
equilibration time of 8 days.

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