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D-Grip for Cheyenne Pen
D-Grip for Cheyenne Pen Model#: CH-DGRIP-ONE

The D-Grip for Cheyenne Pen enhances tattooing with its disposable grips, designed exclusively for use with Cheyenne pens. These grips offer a hygienic solution, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Available in three ergonomic shapes—Ergo Round, Ergo One Inch, and Ergo Long—these grips cater to various artist preferences and hand sizes. Each grip is engineered for easy, secure attachment to Cheyenne pens. While compatible with all Cheyenne Pens, Sol Nova users should note that only the Ergo Round and Ergo One Inch grips fit their model.

$9.00 - $12.00

Disposable Pen Grips

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