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Cheyenne Grip Sleeves

Item #: CH-GRIP22-BLK

We offer a wide variety of colors and size grips. All Cheyenne machines do not include a grip. So if you are purchasing a Motor today you will need a Grip Sleeve also.

Items Included:
1) Steel Grip Sleeve for Cheyenne System
2) 3 Needle Cartridges samples

We offer 3 type of grips:

1) Standard Grip: The grip sleeve features a professional medical design and a removable front part, which eliminates complicated decontamination and cleaning processes. The Hawk grip sleeve is one of the best in the industry because of its fast and simple needle depth adjustment, adjust how far your need comes out with a quick twist of the grip.

2) Fixed Grip: The grip sleeve features a professional medical design and is like your standard grip. This is 1 solid piece, and does not have the needle depth adjustment like the Standard Grip

1) Flex Grip: This grip is just like the Standard Grip and can be taken apart for cleaning and has the needle depth adjustment. The only thing is that this machine is used with your regular tattoo machine (Non-Cheyenne). You just slide the grip into any Coil or Rotary Machine. It includes a loop bar so you can use it with there Cartridge System.

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