Disposable Steel EZ Tubes
  • Disposable Steel EZ Tubes

Disposable Steel EZ Tubes

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The Disposable Steel EZ Tubes by Ultra EZ Tubes® have surpassed their recommended expiration date but remain individually sealed and clean, making them suitable for practice use. These tubes are ideal for artists who wish to hone their skills on synthetic skin or for educational settings where real-skin application is not required. While these tubes are not recommended for use on human skin due to their expired status, they can still serve as an effective training tool when proper sterilization practices are followed.

Each tube features a steel tip that combines the precision and feel of a traditional steel tube with the convenience of a disposable. These are perfect for tattoo artists seeking to maintain high hygiene standards without the maintenance required for non-disposable equipment. Although grips are not included with these tubes, their design allows for easy insertion into standard grips, providing versatility for various tattooing techniques.

Technical Specifications:

-Product: Disposable Straight Steel Tip Tubes
-Brand: Ultra EZ Tubes®
-Grip Size Available: None (No Grip Included)
-Note: Expired but individually sealed for cleanliness

Usage Note: They are not intended for use on human skin due to their expired status but are excellent for practicing tattoo application techniques.

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