Patronus Wireless Foot Pedal

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The Patronus Foot Pedal is a cutting-edge wireless foot pedal designed specifically for the Bounty Hunter and Prophet Pen.

Modes: This pedal offers the choice between standard mode or continuous mode, both of which are controlled through the app.

Power: Utilizing a removable and rechargeable battery, the foot pedal operates without the need for an external power supply. This ensures mobility and convenience, allowing artists to work freely without being tethered to a power source.

Wired Compatibility: The power source is also compatible for manual use with any power unit through an RCA cable connection.

App Connectivity: The foot pedal effortlessly links to a specialized app via Bluetooth, granting users further control and customization options. Within the app, users can tweak settings, track battery status, and utilize other features to optimize their tattooing process.

Sensitivity: Simple activation with minimal resistance makes it effortless to step on. Fully round, allowing activation by pressing from any angle.

Sturdy Base: With an anti-slip rubber bottom, the foot pedal ensures a stable and secure setup, preventing any slipping or movement during use. This feature maintains stability and precision throughout the tattooing process.

1 Year Limited Warranty

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