Airbrush Air Hose 1
  • Airbrush Air Hose 1

Airbrush Air Hose 1

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Air Hose 1 is designed to meet the needs of airbrush artists and hobbyists who demand reliability and flexibility in their airbrushing equipment. This air hose ensures a stable and efficient airflow, crucial for achieving professional-grade results in various airbrushing applications.


  • High-Quality Material: Constructed with durable materials, Air Hose 1 is built to last, resisting wear and tear while maintaining optimum flexibility.

  • Universal 1/8" Couplings: The hose is equipped with standard 1/8" couplings, making it compatible with a wide array of airbrushes and compressors available in the market.

  • Flexible Application: Perfect for both novice and experienced users, it is suitable for a range of airbrushing projects, from detailed miniature painting to larger artistic creations.

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