Airbrush Air Hose 4
  • Airbrush Air Hose 4

Airbrush Air Hose 4

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Air Hose 4 is a practical choice for airbrushing professionals seeking an efficient and organized workspace. This 10-foot coiled air hose, equipped with 1/8" couplings, combines extended reach with the convenience of easy storage, minimizing clutter and maximizing usability.


  • Extended Reach: The 10-foot length extends to provide ample reach, allowing for greater mobility and flexibility in the workspace.

  • Coiled Design: Helps in maintaining an organized and tidy work area by retracting when not in use, preventing tangling and reducing space consumption.

  • Universal Compatibility: Fitted with 1/8" couplings, it offers seamless connection with most airbrushes and compressors, ensuring a reliable and leak-free setup.

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