Airbrush Air Hose 7
  • Airbrush Air Hose 7

Airbrush Air Hose 7

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Air Hose 7 is engineered for professional airbrushing applications that demand reliability and ease of use. It incorporates a 6-foot braided construction with 1/8" couplings and is equipped with a quick release coupler, streamlining the process of changing airbrush tools without compromising on performance or air supply quality.


  • Durability: The hose's braided design offers superior resistance to wear and kinks, ensuring longevity and consistent air flow.

  • Quick Release Coupler: Facilitates swift and secure airbrush connections, significantly reducing downtime between tool changes.

  • Universal 1/8" Couplings: Designed for compatibility with a wide range of airbrushes and compressors, providing versatile application across different projects.

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