Mini Compressor C
  • Mini Compressor C

Mini Compressor C

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Piston Type 1/6HP Mini Oil-less Air Compressor C marks a significant advancement in air compressor technology, tailored for artists and professionals seeking superior performance and functionality. Its design includes a 0.3L air tank for smoother air flow, a pressure gauge for precise control, and an integrated airbrush holder for convenience and efficiency.

Featuring an electric current range of 0.4-1.0A, this model offers an auto start pressure of 2.1 BAR and an auto stop pressure of 3.1 BAR, optimizing energy use and extending the compressor's lifespan.

The voltage compatibility (220V-240V/50HZ, 110V-120V-220V/60HZ) and a speed of 2900/50HZ to 3400/60HZ ensure its adaptability in various settings. With an air flow rate of 20-23L/Min, Mini Compressor C stands out for its efficiency, providing a reliable and consistent air supply for demanding applications.

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