Airbrush Stencil 3
  • Airbrush Stencil 3

Airbrush Stencil 3

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Airbrush Stencil 3 100-Piece Stencil Paper Set is crafted for artists and designers who demand detail and flexibility in their work. This collection includes 100 sheets of stencil paper, each measuring 3.5"x5.5", suitable for a broad range of artistic applications and craft projects.


  • Substantial Set: A large quantity of sheets supports ongoing creativity and project diversity, from personal artwork to professional designs.

  • Ideal Dimensions: The dimensions are perfect for both small and medium-sized projects, offering the right mix of detail and space for creative expression.

  • Multi-Use: These stencil papers are adaptable to various mediums and techniques, enhancing the quality of street art, home decorations, or custom apparel.

  • Stencil 3 elevates your creative projects with precision, quality, and versatility, ensuring your artwork stands out with clarity and impact.

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