Alex de Pase Fleshtone Set
  • Alex de Pase Fleshtone Set

Alex de Pase Fleshtone Set

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INTENZE teamed up with Alex De Pase, a world class tattoo artist and master of the color portrait, to share his tattoo ink strategy and color process with the world. After collaboration over the course of more than a year, Intenze created training materials and translated Alex's custom Intenze mixes into a new product line, his Advanced Fleshtone Series is available for public distribution and ready for artists everywhere to begin learning directly from the pro using the exact same formula he already uses on his own clients. Intenze is truly proud of this monumental collaboration, as an unprecedented achievement for tattooing. This is just one more way Intenze strives to deliver more than just an ink, but also skill, passion, and direction for artists everywhere.

Set Includes: 6 Bottles of inks (1-oz bottles)
Also Includes: Link to 2 hours of video training and a mixing guide.

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