Basic Tattoo DVD

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"Basic Tattoo Instructional DVD" by Matt Bennett is a foundational 60-minute tutorial designed to guide aspiring and established tattoo artists through the essential aspects of tattooing. Matt Bennett, a seasoned professional, delivers straightforward, practical instructions to enhance tattooing skills.

Chapter Guide :

  • Chapter 1: Equipment Overview - Introduction to the tools of the trade.

  • Chapter 2: Inks to Use - Guidance on selecting the right inks for various applications.

  • Chapter 3: Equipment Usage - How to properly use tattooing equipment.

  • Chapter 4: Stencil Placement - Techniques for accurate stencil application.

  • Chapter 5: Outlining Procedures - Step-by-step outlining methods.

  • Chapter 6: Fill In - Techniques for effective filling.

  • Chapter 7: Shadowing - Tips for creating depth and dimension.

  • Chapter 8: Color Placement - Strategies for vibrant and lasting color.

  • Matt Bennett's DVD is an invaluable resource for learning proper setup, maintaining a safe work environment, and mastering tattoo techniques. Suitable for any skill level, this DVD is a must-have for those starting in the tattoo industry.


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