Textured Curved Magnums
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Textured Curved Magnums

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The Textured Curved Magnums Needle Cartridges by Beyond® are designed with a standard #12 needle gauge/diameter, tailored for artists seeking precision and versatility in shading and coloring. The textured surface of the needles enhances ink flow and retention, providing a smoother application process.

A distinctive feature of these cartridges is the integrated protective membrane, which ensures a barrier against ink backflow, thereby maintaining the integrity of your work and the durability of your equipment. The cartridges are engineered to be more flexible, minimizing the stress on tattoo machines' motors and extending their operational lifespan.

Technical Specifications:

-Product Type: Textured Curved Magnums Needle Cartridges
-Needle Size: Standard #12 Gauge/Diameter for optimal ink application
-Brand: Beyond®
-Membrane: Integrated for enhanced safety and equipment longevity
-Compatibility: Universal fit across all standard machines and grips

Package Contents:

-Beyond® Textured Curved Magnums Needle Cartridges

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