BEAST (Liner or Shader)
  • BEAST (Liner or Shader)

BEAST (Liner or Shader)

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The BEAST by Damascus is a versatile tattoo machine available in both liner and shader variants, designed for artists who demand performance and comfort. Part of the Damascus Series Tattoo Machine lineup, the BEAST stands out with its ergonomic design, which contours comfortably to the hand, enhancing the tattooing experience. Both versions are built with a stainless steel frame, ensuring durability and stability. The liner model comes with an 8-wrap coil, weighing 9.4 oz, optimized for precise line work. Conversely, the shader variant is equipped with a 10-wrap coil, also weighing 9.4 oz, tailored for smooth and consistent shading.

This machine is unique within the Damascus series for offering specialized models for lining and shading, making it a versatile choice for professionals. The BEAST's design focuses on user comfort and machine efficiency, boasting a new ergonomic shape that reduces fatigue during long tattoo sessions. Whether for lining or shading, each version of the BEAST is engineered to deliver hard and fast hits, ensuring optimal ink delivery and skin penetration for high-quality tattoo results.

Technical Specifications:

-Function: Available as Liner or Shader
-Type: Coil Machine
-Brand: Damascus
-Frame Material: Stainless Steel
-Weight: 9.4 oz
-Coil Size: 8 Wrap Coil (Liner), 10 Wrap Coil (Shader)

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