#10 Bugpin Magnum
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#10 Bugpin Magnum

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One box of 20 #10 Bugpin Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges

Introducing the next level of tattoo artistry: Beyond®'s Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges. These new cartridges are equipped with protective membranes, elevating the tattooing experience to unprecedented heights. Our Bugpin Magnum Shader needles are specifically designed to create softer transitions, blend colors, and fill in larger areas with ink, delivering a smoother and more nuanced appearance to the tattoo's shading and contours.

Product - Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges
Needle Size - Bugpin #10 Needle Gauge/Diameter
Brand - Beyond®
Sterilized - EO Gas Sterile
Membrane - Yes
Compatibility - Our cartridges are designed to adhere to industry standards and will seamlessly fit all machines and grips. With the inclusion of a protective membrane, they offer enhanced durability without the stiffness found in Cheyenne Cartridges. This innovation significantly reduces wear and tear on your machine's motor, ensuring a smoother operation.

Our Beyond® Needles have a rich heritage and are now available in Cartridges! Being our signature needle, sold for over 30 years, they represent our unwavering commitment to quality. Every Beyond premium needle is subjected to strict quality control to guarantee that you receive a high-quality tattoo needle. In line with our ethos of continuous improvement, we have recently updated our box design, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

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