#8 Bugpin Curved Magnum
  • #8 Bugpin Curved Magnum
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#8 Bugpin Curved Magnum

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One box of 20 #8 Bugpin Curved Magnum Needle Cartridges

The Bugpin Curved Magnum Needle Cartridge by Beyond® is a cutting-edge tool in the tattoo industry. Thoughtfully designed to make blending and coloring large areas more efficient, the Bugpin Curved Magnum Needle Cartridge provides less impact on the skin. The curve on the taper points is an innovative feature that allows the artist to angle the needle when tattooing, offering precise control.

New Arrival, More Needle Configurations Coming Soon

Product - Bugpin Curved Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges
Needle Size - Bugpin #8 Needle Gauge/Diameter
Tip Type - We offer Closed or Open Tip
Brand - Beyond®
Sterilized - EO Gas Sterile
Membrane - Yes
Compatibility - These cartridges adhere to industry standards, ensuring compatibility with all machines and grips. Incorporating a protective membrane, they have been meticulously engineered for optimal flexibility, setting them apart from Cheyenne Cartridges. This innovative design minimizes wear and tear on your machine's motor, thereby enhancing its longevity and performance.

Curved needles and the tighter spacing between them allow ink to be packed for higher concentration on tight spots and confined areas. This design lends itself to creating portrait tattoos with a smoother, fuller appearance, bringing out more depth and life-likeness.

Our Beyond® Needles are now available in Cartridges! These signature needles, sold for over 20 years, embody our dedication to quality. Every Beyond premium needle undergoes strict quality control, ensuring a high-quality tattoo needle. The recent update to our box design reflects our continual drive to innovate.

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