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Magnum Shaders

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One box of 20 Beyond® Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges

Our iconic Beyond® Magnum Shader Needle transitions into the cartridge era! Representing our signature craftsmanship for over two decades, each Beyond® needle underscores our unwavering dedication to quality. Comprehensive quality checks promise you an unparalleled tattoo needle, setting new industry benchmarks. Revel in our revamped packaging, exuding both beauty and practicality.

Product - Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges
Needle Size - Standard #12 Needle Gauge/Diameter
Brand - Beyond®
Sterilized - EO Gas Sterile
Membrane - Yes
Compatibility - Adhering to industry standards, these cartridges seamlessly fit all machines and grips. The integration of a protective membrane further elevates their functionality and safety. Distinctly, Beyond® cartridges are more flexible than Cheyenne Cartridges, ensuring reduced strain on your machine's motor.

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