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Magnum Shaders (Open Tip)

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The Magnum Shaders (Open Tip) by Beyond® set for discontinuation as we transition to needle cartridges equipped with protective membranes. The new Beyond® cartridges enhance safety and reliability, available for purchase here: Beyond Cartridges with Membranes.

Open Tip Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges are compatible with all standard machines and grips, utilizing a rubber band system without a protective membrane. This design may pose a risk of ink blowback, particularly for Tattoo Pen users, which could damage machines. Beyond® advises caution; responsibility for damage resulting from ink blowback is not assumed. A recent box design update reflects our commitment to innovation.

Technical Specifications:

- Product Type: Open Tip Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges
- Needle Size: Standard #12
- Brand: Beyond®
- Compatibility: Universal fit, rubber band system
- Note: Lacks membrane; potential for ink blowback

Package Contents:

- Beyond® Open Tip Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges. For the updated model with enhanced safety features, visit: Beyond Cartridges with Membranes.

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