Magnum Shaders (Open Tip)
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Magnum Shaders (Open Tip)

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To be Discontinued, these cartridges currently use rubber bands and have no membrane. All new batches of Beyond Needles will have protective Membranes and can be purchased Beyond Cartridges with Membranes

Product - Open Tip Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges
Needle Size - Standard #12 Needle Gauge/Diameter
Brand - Beyond®
Sterilized - EO Gas Sterile
Compatibility - These cartridges are industry standard and will fit all machines and grips. These cartridges use rubber band system and are not as stiff as Cheyenne Cartridges. This makes them perfect for machines that cannot push cheyenne needles. Please note that these cartridges DO NOT have a Membrane and there is a small chance of ink blow back. Tattoo Pen users should be cautious that ink blow back could damage your machine. We will not be responsible for any damage caused from use of our needles.

Our Beyond® Needles are now available in Cartridges! Our Beyond® needles are our signature needle that we've been selling for over 20 years. Our Beyond premium needles go through strict quality control to make sure you get a great high quality tattoo needle. We recently updated our box design.

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