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Round Liners

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The Beyond® Round Liner Needle Cartridges integrates advanced protective membranes for heightened safety and performance. Each #12 gauge needle cartridge is universally compatible which ensures seamless integration with all standard tattoo machines and grips. The protective membrane is a helps to minimize wear on machine motors and blocking ink backflow.

Key features include the use of a standard #12 needle gauge for precise lining, and an integrated protective membrane for improved safety and ink flow stability. These cartridges are designed to conform to industry standards for wide compatibility. Each package contains 20 Beyond® Round Liner Needle Cartridges, presented in professional packaging that marries aesthetics with practicality.

Technical Specifications:

- Product Type: Round Liner Needle Cartridges
- Needle Size: Utilizes a standard #12 Needle Gauge/Diameter for precision lining.
- Protective Membrane: Integrated within each cartridge to enhance safety and ink flow stability.
- Compatibility: Designed to meet industry standards, ensuring compatibility with all standard machines and grips.

Package Contents:

- 20 Beyond® Round Liner Needle Cartridges
- Each box is professionally packaged

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