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Round Shader Needle Cartridges

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Beyond® Round Shader Needle Cartridges are designed for tattoo professionals, featuring #12 gauge needles. Each box contains 20 cartridges compatible with all tattoo machines and grips, equipped with a safety membrane to ensure seamless use and reduce motor strain.

The round shader needle configuration is adept for a wide range of tattooing techniques, offering artists the flexibility to execute both intricate linework and comprehensive shading. The safety membrane not only prevents backflow, protecting both artist and client, but also enhances the stability and consistency of ink flow. This design consideration ensures a smooth, efficient operation, reducing the physical stress on tattoo machines.

Technical Specifications:

-Needle Configuration: Round Shader
-Needle Gauge: #12
-Safety Membrane: Included
-Compatibility: Universal

Package Contents:

-20 Beyond® Round Shader Needle Cartridges
-Professional and secure packaging for safety and convenience

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