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Round Shaders

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The Round Shaders Needle Cartridges with Comfort Grip enhance the Beyond® signature line with its ergonomic design. These cartridges introduce an ergonomic Comfort Grip ledge, specifically engineered to provide optimal finger support and reduce fatigue during extensive tattoo sessions. This feature fosters greater control and comfort, enabling artists to concentrate on precision and detail.

Beyond®'s Round Shaders Needle Cartridges are equipped with a standard #12 needle gauge/diameter and a protective membrane, ensuring compatibility and safety. Designed for flexibility, these cartridges minimize machine motor wear, extending its operational life. Beyond® leverages over two decades of expertise in needle design, evidenced by the integration of the Comfort Grip and the latest packaging design update.

Technical Specifications:

- Product Type: Round Shaders Needle Cartridges
- Needle Size: Standard #12 Gauge/Diameter
- Brand: Beyond® with Comfort Grip
- Membrane: Yes
- Sold In: 16pcs per box
- Compatibility: Fits all standard machines and grips, features protective membrane, less stiffness

Package Contents:

- Beyond® Round Shaders Needle Cartridges with Comfort Grip

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