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Biodegradable Covers

PRICE: $6.00 SALE: $3.00IN STOCK
Item #: E-TMCOVER100-N FREE 2-Day UPS Shipping

Go Green, with our new biodegradable covers.

Squeeze Bottle Covers: 4.75" inch x 8" Inch (100pcs/box)
Machine Covers: 5" inch x 5.5" Inch (200pcs/box) OUT OF STOCK
Clip Cord Covers: 2" inch x 30" Inch (100pcs/box) OUT OF STOCK

Clip Cord Sleeve Covers: 2.35" x 31.5" (100pcs/box)
Machine Bag Covers: 5.1" x 5.5" (100pcs/box)
Squeeze Bottle Covers: 4.7" x 7.85" (100pcs/box)

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