LED Flex Arm Floor Lamp

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Enhance your workspace with the Professional LED Black Flex Arm Floor Lamp, a sophisticated lighting solution meticulously crafted to elevate your environment. With a focus on precision and functionality, this lamp seamlessly combines style with a range of features designed to enhance your lighting experience.

Type - Floor Lamp

Color - Black

Adjustability - Flexible Arm and Neck

Brightness Levels - 5

Color Options - 5 (Soft White to Natural)

Height - 69"" (Vertical), 45"" (Horizontal)

Neck Length - 17""

LED Length - 9""

Weight - 5.1 lbs

Control - Remote Control

The LED Black Flex Arm Floor Lamp is equipped with Super Bright, Energy Efficient LEDs, providing adjustable illumination to suit your preferences. Control everything seamlessly with the included remote, allowing for 5 brightness adjustments and 5 color options, ranging from Soft White to Natural.

Standing at 69 inches tall vertically and 45 inches when angled horizontally, this floor lamp provides flexibility in positioning. The 17-inch flexible adjustable neck allows you to direct light in any direction, catering to your specific needs. The 9-inch-long LED light ensures ample illumination for various tasks, making it ideal for activities like tattoo sessions.

Weighing in at a mere 5.1 lbs, this lamp is lightweight and easy to move. Experience the convenience of controlling every aspect of your lighting setup with the included remote control.

Elevate your lighting experience with the LED Black Flex Arm Floor Lamp—where versatility meets superior illumination.

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