Bob Tyrrell DVD

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Learn from a Modern Master Bob Tyrrell. In this DVD "Method to My Madness" Bob teaches you his techniques for Black & Grey.

-First DVD from the Black & Grey Master-
-Over 2 hours of Footage-
-Bobs POV from stencil to finish-
-Detailed webinar slideshow included-

Bob pays a visit to internationally known tattoo show off the Map Northeast in Easthampton, MA. This DVD is distilled from an eleven house long marathon webinar Bob gave during his visit.

In this first ever DVD from Bob, he covers in depth, his step by step process of executing a finely detailed and perfectly rendered portrait tattoo. He covers machine choice, setup, needle selections, and ink preference. Here's your chance to look over the shoulder of a black and great tattoo master. Gain unprecedented access to Bob Tyrell's methods, techniques and best practices.

Included in this DVD is a comprehensive slideshow taken from Bob's seminar that he has presented at tattoo conventions across the globe. Bob highlights past work and his reason for specific choices he made during the creations of those tattoos.

Special Edition Now Available (Extremely Limited 5 Left)
Signed by Bob himself and includes, Skull Print, Guitar Pick, & 5 Stickers.

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